Connecting Southern Africa’s Cannabis Professionals

Network, grow and succeed in Southern Africa’s blooming industry.

Working together towards a sustainable Southern African Cannabis Industry

We exist to uphold a standard of professionalism in the local industry, and promote Southern Africa into the international market.
Sancap assists Southern Africa’s Cannabis Professionals with access to:
Relevant and reliable information
Experienced industry practitioners
International networks and opportunities

Join the SANCAP Association and be recognised as part of Southern Africa's leading network of cannabis professionals

The SANCAP Association was started as a means of empowering SA's Cannabis Professionals through practical education, professional, trusted representation and access to the latest industry research and development.

Research & Education

We support programs that advance the knowledge & skills needed to grow the cannabis industry.

Legislation & Licensing

We monitor any developments in cannabis legislation, and educate our members on how it will affect them.

Genetics & Cultivation

We support basic and applied genetics research, cultivar development and accurate testing.


Extend your reach with supply-chain support, professional networking and an active online marketplace.

Technology & Innovation

Connecting Southern Africa with the latest international developments in protected horticulture and cannabis cultivation technology.

Professional Representation

Represent industry professionals and build trusted relationships with regulatory bodies.

Connecting  Southern Africa's Cannabis Professionals

Discover and connect with South Africa's Cannabis industry professionals, businesses and organisations in our comprehensive industry directory.