SANCAP Membership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the SANCAP Association.

Please read the instructions below carefully.

  1. Complete the below application form and submit it through the website
  2. Upon successful submission of the below form, the application will be presented to the Committee Members for approval. Once approved by the Committee Members, a Code of Ethics will be forward to you for signing.
  3. On receipt of the signed Code of Ethics, confirmation of membership registration including your membership number will be emailed to you.
  4. We will generate your invoice and email it to you. Please pay the amount on the invoice and use your membership number as reference for the payment. The banking details will be provided on the invoice.
  5. Your application will be processed once payment is received and confirmation of your membership will be emailed to you.

We, the undersigned, herby apply for membership of SANCAP and undertake to be bound by the Memorandum of Incorporation, Administration Rules and Code of Ethics of SANCAP.

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